About The Kandy Man

Back in 2011 The Kandy Man idea was born, I would like to think that with this being a family business my children would like to take over from me when I retire, but things will have moved on by then and they will put their own stamp on the business (I hope), but still keeping the customer service that I pride myself on.

It has taken me a couple of years to sort things out but back in 2012 I started working on this project and in 2013 I started trading, initially I was trading via Facebook and selling to parents and teachers of my children’s school, as word spread and I got busier I decided to take the leap and get this website built so I could supply potential customers all over the UK and eventually start selling outside the UK.

One of the earliest memories I have is going to the local sweet shop and buying chocolate tools, white mice and pacers and popping them in the little white paper bag, I know you can't buy pacers anymore but I have tried to stock my online shop with all the nostalgic sweets of yesteryear that I remember buying as a child.

I have tried to sell a diverse range of gift ideas from Christmas to everyday ones such as just a simple thank you gift.

I try to source the best sweets and chocolates from a wide range of suppliers in the Uk and across the world so you can have a vast assortment of goodies to choose from.

I will try to make shopping with us like shopping at your local sweet shop, take you back to your childhood with my huge range of sweets from chocolate tools, fairy satins, white mice, flying saucers up to modern sweets like i-foam mix, orange sticks, dracula teeth and orange slices.