Boiled Sweets

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Acid Drops
Acid Drops. Tasty boiled sweets with a refreshing sour acidy taste at first, suck on these for ab..
Acid Drops
Acid Drops. Mouth watering boiled sweet with a sour lemon taste, each sweet is individually wrapp..
Aniseed Pips
Aniseed Pips. These small hard balls have a rough sugary texture that i like to suck until they r..
Aniseed Twists - Unwrapped
Aniseed Twists Unwrapped. Aniseed flavour hard boiled twisted sweets, each twist is unwrapped.&nb..
Aniseed Twists - Wrapped
Aniseed Twist Wrapped. Aniseed flavour individually wrapped hard boiled twisted sweets. I se..
Apple Pips
Apple Flavour Pips. There is no mistaking these green and white boiled sweets, just pop a handful..
Barley Sugar
Barley Sugars. These were a classic even before i was born with its rich golden barley taste..
Black Bullets
Black Bullets. These traditional mint flavoured boiled sweets are a firm favourite. I sell t..
Blackberry and Raspberry Pips
Blackberry and Raspberry Pips. These small hard balls have a rough sugary texture that i lik..
Blackcurrant and Liquorice
Blackcurrant and Liquorice. You start sucking on these hard boiled sweets, tasting the blackcurra..
Blue Raspberry Cubes
Blue Raspberry Cubes. These brightly coloured hard boiled squares are a new introduction, th..
Blue Raspberry Fizz Ball
Blue Raspberry Fizz Ball. These fizz balls are a contradiction, on one hand they are very fruity,..