Please note that when ordering any hand crafted or personalised products please allow an extra two days for manufacture before delivery dispatch. With each product being crafted by hand a slight variation may occur in weight and colour as shown.

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Blue Chocolate Hearts
Midnight Blue Foiled Chocolate Hearts. These hand crafted Belgian chocolate hearts can acompany a..
Brown Drops
Brown Drops. Milk chocolate drops, a creamy taste that melts on your tongue if you can keep them ..
Candy Cones
Candy Cones. Creamy strawberry and cream flavour chocolate in the shape of ice cream cones, these..
Cerise Chocolate Hearts
Cerise Foiled Chocolate Hearts. These hand crafted Belgian chocolate hearts can acompany any tabl..
Choc Lick
Choc Lick. Yummy, yummy, some of my favourites all crunched up together, twix, smarties..
Choc Orange Nibbles
Chocolate Orange Nibbles. A bit like chocolate nibbles but with an amazing orange flavour ad..
Choco Shakes
Choco Shakes. Little bottles of milk and white chocolate, these are some of the most delicious mi..
Choco Sticks
Choco Sticks. Delicious colourfully wrapped sticks of dark chocolate in a box with some of the gr..
Chocolate Brazils
Chocolate Flavour Brazils. A brazil nut covered in chocolate flavour coating, why not treat yours..
Chocolate Covered Strawberry Millions
Chocolate Covered Strawberry Millions. These tiny little strawberry flavoured chewy sweets have b..
Chocolate Football
Chocolate Football. This milk chocolate football is decorated with white chocolate to make this f..
Chocolate Footballs
Chocolate Footballs. These come in a range of coloured foils, little solid balls of milk chocolat..