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Avengers Assemble Candy Sticks
Avengers Assemble Candy Sticks. Hard'ish and chewy white sticks, you used to get a picture card i..
Chocolate Fruits
Chocolate Fruits. Inside the fruit flavoured crunchy shell hides a chocolate centre, an old favou..
Chocolate Limes
Chocolate Limes. Two flavour combination with these chocolate limes, a tangy lime flavoured ..
Ginger Creams
Gibbs Ginger Creams. This soft ginger flavoured rock will melt in your mouth, mmmm delicious.&nbs..
Love Hearts Mini Roll
Love Hearts Mini Roll. The original and best compressed candy sweets, rolls of fruit flavoured co..
Mini Fruit Candies
Mini Fruit Candies. These mini crunchy fruit shaped candies are full of fruit flavours, the vibra..
Mini Star Candies
Mini Star Candies. These mini crunchy star shaped candies are full of fruit flavours, the vibrant..
Mr Tabs
Mr Tabs Mini Candy Bricks. Mini packs of crunchy miniature building bricks with a fruity flavour,..
Mr Tom Peanut Bar
Mr Tom Peanut (Single). Delicious and tasty peanut brittle bar, made from a mixture of peanu..
Mr Tom Peanut Bar (2 Pack)
Mr Tom Peanut Bar 2 Pack. Delicious and tasty peanut brittle bar, made from a mixture of peanuts ..
Nuts, Bolts and Spanners
Nuts, Bolts and Spanners. Compressed pastel coloured candy in shapes of nuts, bolts and spanners,..
Original Fizzers
Original Fizzers. The original fizzy sweet, mini rolls of fruit flavoured compressed candy sweets..