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50p Mix Bag
50p Mix Bag. Can you remember going down to the local sweet shop decades ago and asking for a 50p..
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American Hard Gums
American Hard Gums. Bright coloured chewy jelly domed shaped gums with a sugar coating that ..
Apple Millions
Apple Flavour Millions. These tiny little apple flavoured chewy sweets are just amazing, except w..
Apple Pencils
Apple Pencils. Please don't try and write with these as you will have a sticky piece of paper, in..
Apple Whips
Apple Whips. Long strips of hard hollow jelly, green in colour with a apple flavour. I used ..
Baby Dolphins
Baby Dolphins. Blue and white fruit flavoured jelly shaped baby dolphins, just one of my many sel..
Foam Banana Flavour Candy. If these were one of my 5 a day, i would have no problems eating ..
Beach Mix
Beach Mix. These fruit flavoured jelly sweets come in bright colours and shaped in your favourite..
Big Bananas
Big Bananas. Banana flavour foam candy sweets in the shape of a peeled banana, these enormou..
Black and White Mints
Black and White Mints. These squares of mint flavoured cream and paste liquorice pieces are my fa..
Black Jack Chews
Black Jack Chews. These may have a different name now in Candy Land but they still taste the same..
Blackberries and Raspberries
Blackberries and Raspberries. These fruit flavoured gums are delicious chewy jelly berries, ..