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Black and White Mints
Black and White Mints. These squares of mint flavoured cream and paste liquorice pieces are my fa..
Black Jack Chews
Black Jack Chews. These may have a different name now in Candy Land but they still taste the same..
Blackcurrant Flyers
Blackcurrant Flyers. Blackcurrant flavour crystals (kali as i call it) in the middle with liquori..
Catherine Wheels
Catherine Wheels. Flat coiled wheels of delicious tasting liquorice with a coloured spog&nbs..
Cherry Wheels
Cherry Wheels. Coiled cherry flavoured liquorice wheels, just like catherine wheels except these ..
Hard Liquorice Sticks (Formerly Bassetti)
Hard Liquorice Sticks (Formerly Bassetti). These hard shiny sticks of liquorice are one of the cl..
Jelly Spogs
Jelly Spogs. Liquorice flavoured jelly buttons covered in red and blue beads, these sweets can be..
Lion Licorice Gums
Lion Licorice Gums. The original hard liquorice gums, these little hard rectangles of liquorice w..
Lion Poor Bens
Lion Poor Bens. If you loved the black liquorice sweets in Lion sports mixture and you always pic..
Liquorice Allsorts
Liquorice Allsorts. There is not much i can tell you about these liquoricey, coconutty, fondanty ..
Liquorice Candy Canes
Liquorice Candy Canes. Delicious festive coloured sweets, made to be like a candy cane but a soft..
Liquorice Comfits
Liquorice Comfits. Liquorice pieces covered in vibrant coloured crispy sugar coating, these have ..
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