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Black and White Mints
Black and White Mints. These squares of mint flavoured cream and paste liquorice pieces are my fa..
Black Jack Chew Bar
Black Jack Chew Bar. These may have a new name now in Candy Land but if you love the taste of Bla..
Black Jack Chews
Black Jack Chews. These may have a different name now in Candy Land but they still taste the same..
Black Jack Stick Pack
Black Jack Flavour Stick Pack. These may have a different name now in Candy Land but they still t..
Blackcurrant Flyers
Blackcurrant Flyers. Blackcurrant flavour crystals (kali as i call it) in the middle with liquori..
Catherine Wheels
Catherine Wheels. Flat coiled wheels of delicious tasting liquorice with a coloured spog&nbs..
Cherry Wheels
Cherry Wheels. Coiled cherry flavoured liquorice wheels, just like catherine wheels except these ..
Fruit Sticks
Fruit Sticks. Mini sticks of fruity fondant wrapped around a liquorice centre, a real fruity trea..
Hard Liquorice Sticks (Formerly Bassetti)
Hard Liquorice Sticks (Formerly Bassetti). These hard shiny sticks of liquorice are one of the cl..
Haribo Liquorice Cream Rock
Haribo Liquorice Cream Rock. Little tubes of liquorice with a fruit fondant centre, i like to bit..
Haribo Liquorice Wheels
Haribo Liquorice Wheels. Flat liquorice wheels that you can roll out to make a long liquorice lac..
Haribo Pontefract Cakes
Haribo Pontefract Cakes. Pontefract Cakes were originally developed by George Dunhill in 1760, an..