Lollipops & Dips

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Assorted Fruit Flavour Lollipops
Assorted Fruit Flavour Lollipops. Hard rock fruit flavoured round lollipops, these lollipops come..
At The Seaside Gourmet Lollipop Gift Box
At The Seaside Gourmet Lollipop Gift Box. If you like going to the seaside and especially the foo..
Bubblegum Crystals
Bubblegum Crystals. Vibrant blue in colour and delicious in taste, fruit flavoured sherbet c..
Coal Dust Crystals
Coal Dust Crystals. These black crystals (or kali as i call it) are great for dipping t..
Cream Soda Crystals
Cream Soda Crystals. Cream soda flavour crystals, you can dip lollies or liquorice in it but i pr..
Dippy Sherbet - Plain
Dippy Sherbet - Plain. This product is my version of the classic DipDab but alot, lot bigger, act..
Double Lollies
Double Lollies. These ever popular 2 tone coloured lollies are a great seller, these compressed c..
Drumstick Lollies
Drumstick Lollies. These delicious chewy raspberry and milk flavoured lollies are just truly scru..
Fizzy Fruit Lollipops
Fizzy Fruit Lollipops. Assorted fruit flavoured flat fizzy lollipops, these are popular with chil..
Flat Heart Lollipops
Flat Heart Lollipops. Fruit flavoured 5g flat heart shaped lollipops, these are ideal to put in l..
Fruit Frenzy Gourmet Lollipop Gift Box
Fruit Frenzy Gourmet Lollipop Gift Box.  If you like your fruit but fancy a treat now and ag..
Funny Face Light Pop
Funny Face Light Pop. These awesome lollipops come in 3 fruit flavours, blue raspberry, cherry an..