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Assorted Mallows
Assorted Mallows. Classicly shaped marshmallows that come in a mix of lively colours, you can ben..
Blue Paint Balls
Blue Paint Balls. These light and fluffy blue sugar coated strawberry flavoured marshmallows come..
Brick Mallows
Brick Mallows. Pink and white or white and pink, don't worry if you can't choose because these ha..
Chewy Bananas
Chewy Bananas. A squidgy banana flavoured chewy masrmallow in the shape of a, you guessed it....a..
Christmas Mallows
Christmas Mallows. Fantastic fluffy strawberry and vanilla flavoured marshmallows in the shape of..
Coconut Logs
Coconut Logs. Here at The Kandy Man we love brown logs....YUCK!! you dirty thing, i know wha..
Easter Mallows
Easter Mallows. Hop, what you will say if you can catch these adorable bunny and..
Finitronic Mallows
Finitronic Mallows. Soft and squidgy, you can pull them, twist them and play with them, the lovel..
Fizzy Bubblegum Mallow Bottles
Fizzy Bubblegum Mallow Bottles. These fizzy bubblegum flavoured bottles are not the jelly type, t..
Flower Mallows
Flower Mallows. These are blooming wonderful, the pastel coloured marshmallows are in the shape o..
Giant Twisted Mallow Cables
Giant Twisted Mallow Cables. These rainbow coloured mallows are hu-mon-gus, each cable is&nb..
Green Paint Balls
Green Paint Balls. These light and fluffy sugar coated green marshmallows come in a dome sha..