Please note that when ordering any hand crafted or personalised products please allow an extra two days for manufacture before delivery dispatch. With each product being crafted by hand a slight variation may occur in weight and colour as shown.

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Bazooka Sherbet Straws
Bazooka Sherbet Straws. Long straws filled with the unmistakable Bazooka flavoured sherbet powder..
Bubble Pencils
Bubble Pencils. These novelty pencil shaped pieces of bubblegum come packed full of fruity flavou..
Candy Floss Bucket
Candy Floss Bucket. People love candy floss as a light and fluffy treat, and is a sweet that will..
Candy Pizza
Candy Pizza. A 9" soft jelly pizza covered with bananas, jelly gums, strawberry laces and more.....
Candy Sushi
Candy Sushi Kit. If you like raw fish and rice dishes associated with this Japanese food then you..
Chocolate Make-Up
Chocolate Make-Up. You will look fabulous with this chocolate make-up kit, solid delicious milk c..
Chocolate Tool Kit
Chocolate Tool Kit. If you need a hammer or spanner look no further as these handy tools come in ..
Coffee Lovers
Coffee Lovers. If you are a coffee lover....ooopppps i mean a chocolate lover, this white ceramic..
Dip Dab Sour Apple
Dip Dab Sour Apple. A new twist on the classic dip dab, a sachet of sour lemon sherbet dip t..
Dippy Sherbet
Dippy Sherbet. This product is my version of the classic DipDab but alot, lot bigger, actually th..
Fizz Wiz Cherry
Fizz Wiz Cherry. Cherry flavoured super loud popping candy, pour it in your mouth and then l..
Fizz Wiz Cola
Fizz Wiz Cola. Cola flavoured super loud popping candy, pour it in your mouth and then ..