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Chewy Nougat Bar
Chewy Nougat Bar. This may have a new name in Candy Land but this pink and white nougat is a..
Dip Dab
Dip Dab Original. A sachet of fizzy sherbet dip that comes with a tasty strawberry flavour lolly,..
Double Dip
Double Dip Original. Orange and cherry flavour fizz dips that you pop into your mouth using ..
Love Hearts Dip
Love Hearts Dip. Rip the top off this sachet to reveal 3 sherbety flavoured dips, also think of h..
Love Hearts Lipstick
Love Hearts Lipstick. Young girls will love these, make them feel like a little lady by pretendin..
Love Hearts Whistle
Love Hearts Whistle. You can lick, suck or play with these compressed candy whistles, when i was ..
Mega Rainbow Drops
Mega Rainbow Drops. Mega sized bags of sugar coated puffed maize and rice in vibrant rainbow..
Mega Rainbow Dust Straw
Mega Rainbow Dust Straw. Mega long straws filled with rainbow coloured crystals (or kali as i cal..
Rainbow Drops
Rainbow Drops. Snack sized bags of sugar coated puffed maize and rice in vibrant rainbow col..
Rainbow Dust Straw
Rainbow Dust Straws. Individual brightly coloured straws filled with a fruity candy powder, cut t..
Refreshers Dip Dab
Refreshers DipDab. A new twist on the classic DipDab, this Refreshers DipDab has a tongue tinglin..
Sherbet Fountain
Sherbet Fountain. I can remember decades ago when this tongue tangling sherbet used to come ..