Please note that when ordering any hand crafted or personalised products please allow an extra five days for manufacture before delivery dispatch. With each product being crafted by hand a slight variation may occur in weight and colour as shown.

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Chocolate Mini Eggs
Chocolate Mini Eggs. These are not just for Easter but all year round, an assortment of coloured&..
Easter Basket
Easter Basket. You don't have to go Easter egg hunting to find some eggs for this basket, this ba..
Easter Bunny
Milk Chocolate Hollow Easter Bunny. Milk chocolate hollow Easter bunny wrapped in cute bunny foil..
Easter Cone Bags
Easter Cone Bags. If you are thinking what can i get for that person at Easter instead of a tube ..
Easter Mallows
Easter Mallows. Hop, cluck....is what you will say if you can catch these adorable bunny and..
Foiled Chocolate Eggs
Foiled Chocolate Eggs. Creamy milk chocolate eggs wrapped in colourful shiny foils, a fantastic c..
Fried Egg Chocolate Lollipop
Fried Egg Chocolate Lollipop. If you like your gummy fried eggs and you also love chocolate then ..
Fried Eggs
Fried Eggs. These fruit flavoured jelly shapes look like, yes you guessed it...Fried Eggs..only p..
Giant Fried Egg
Giant Fried Egg. Don't try and cook these in the frying pan because they will just stick but what..
Giant Fried Egg
Giant Fried Egg. I don't know if you will have a big enough frying pan to cook this fried egg in,..
Gourmet Fruit and Nut Easter Egg
Gourmet Fruit and Nut Easter Egg. This hand crafted egg shaped chocolate is scattered with d..
Haribo Bunnies
Haribo Bunnies. These delicious sweets are not just for Easter but anytime of the year, these bri..