Please note that when ordering any hand crafted or personalised products please allow an extra five days for manufacture before delivery dispatch. With each product being crafted by hand a slight variation may occur in weight and colour as shown.

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3D Belgian Chocolate Coffin
3D Belgian Chocolate Coffin. If you want a unique sweet for Halloween, then you don't have t..
Chicken Feet
Chicken Feet. These fruit flavoured gummy sweets smell and tatse heavenly, these yellow and red f..
Dracula Teeth
Dracula Teeth. These fruit flavoured smooth jellies are just truly scrumptious, red coloured jell..
Filled Pumpkin - Large
Filled Pumpkin - Large. A plastic pumpkin filled with a whopping 935g of Halloween themed sweets,..
Filled Pumpkin - Medium
Filled Pumpkin - Medium. A plastic pumpkin filled with a monster 756g of Halloween themed sweets,..
Fizzy Dracula Teeth
Fizzy Dracula Teeth. These fruit flavoured jellies are just truly scrumptious and very very fizzy..
Halloween Cone Bags
Halloween Cone Bags. If you are having a Halloween party then these spooky Halloween cone bags ar..
Hand Crafted Bonfire Toffee
Hand Crafted Bonfire Toffee. Remember, remember the fifth of November, that is what you are usual..
Jelly Bones
Jelly Bones. Red and white fruit flavoured bone shaped jellies, another gory, scary sweet th..
Jelly Filled Brains
Jelly Filled Brains. Pop the squidgy fruit flavoured jelly brains into your mouth, bite in to it ..
Jelly Filled Skulls
Jelly Filled Skulls. Pop the squishy fruit flavour jelly skulls into your mouth, bite i..
Mini Teeth
Mini Teeth. A cool mini sweet to pop in your mouth and pretend to have teeth (come on, i know we ..